ASAP Intranet

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Intranets are organizational interfaces that utilise web technology to provide a variety of information for employees within organisations and serve as a central location for the dissemination, creation, and storage of company information.  Intranets often begin as a tool for distributing company news, policies, and other relevant information, but grow to facilitate file sharing, discussion forums, conferencing, and digitisation of company forms.

Our Solution

The solution provides a tool for the organization to share information, collaborate, share files and implement software applications to automate certain tasks.



  • A directory of the organisations employees with photo, contact details and related information.
  • Out of office notifications feature, with an option to specify date an employee will be back in office.
  • Employee search by name, surname, or department.

Upcoming Events

Allows for a listing of upcoming events with events date, venue etc. Event types include;

  • Staff Meetings
  • Management Meetings
  • Other Events

Documents (General)

A facility for storing and sharing of the organisation’s documents, with the following features;

  • Up to 200MB in size (can be increased)
  • Searchable, user can specify tags for indexing to be used by the search engine in addition to file name
  • Categories, file can be categorized, e.g. IT, HR, FINANCE etc.
  • Employee forms (leave application forms etc.)

Documents (Meetings)

This section provides for the storing and sharing of documents related to meetings, including;

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Resolutions
  • Documents per committee (category)

Project Management

A facility to allow employees to collaboratively work on a project by utilising the intranet;

  • Allocate employees to projects
  • Allocate tasks to employees
  • Upload project files to be shared by the project team


This function allows authorised employees to post information onto the intranet this information can be accessed by other employees through the blog section of the intranet.

  • Posted information (posts) to be archived for future access
  • Readers have the ability to comment on posts
  • Ability to attach documents, picture, video and audio

Conferencing / Chat

Conferencing or chat feature is available to be utilised by employees to further collaborate and share information, with the administrators able to monitor usage, this feature supports;

  • One on one chat sessions
  • Group chat sessions
  • Video

Discussion Forum

Employees can use this facility for discussions, with authorised employees capable of initiating discussions or posting topics with other users participating by commenting.

  • Ability to turn into an organisation’s knowledge base
  • Old topics / discussions archived for future use
  • Search existing topics using keywords


Employee Leave (ASAPleave)

An employee leave application is included in the system, with the following features;

  • Employees able check available leave days, for different leave types (annual, sick, maternity etc.)
  • Apply for leave online
  • Relevant employees to approve or decline application with notes

Supplier Database (SCM)

An application for the management of suppliers or vendors will be included in the package, with the following features;

  • Database of suppliers, including name, services or products, contact details etc
  • Categories per services or products
  • Search for supplier of specific product or service

IT Support

A section of the intranet is dedicated to the IT department, allowing employees to get assistance from the organization’s support staff, some of the features are;

  • Log a support issue / topic (description)
  • IT support to provide assistance
  • Knowledge base development
  • Support issues to be archived, allowing employees to gain access to discussed topics in the future
  • Resolved status to be granted to an issue that has been resolved


Often users need to communicate and share notes in real time, this feature of the intranet allows users to send instant messages to each other.

  • One on one messaging
  • Inbox / Outbox
  • Replies

General Front Page Features

  • Users that are online
  • Notices for users
  • Relevant news feed (Department of Education, if available)
  • Weather widget (3 day weather forecast)
  • Useful links (links to other websites or resources)
  • Useful contact details
  • An effective search facility